Custom Guitars


Custom Guitars

The Details



Every instrument I make is a custom instrument in some way or another.
The most important aspect of building a guitar is understanding what the needs of the player are. To achieve the desired look, sound, and feel means that no one detail should be overlooked.



There is an understanding of the past and look to the future in the work I do. Guitar designs that range from the traditional to the modern are taken into consideration if the end result creates the look and sound desired. My work is usually a little bit of both.    


I prefer to french polish instruments but back and sides can be lacquered for greater durability.  French polish is a labor intensive finish which adds cost to the instrument but it is sonically wonderful and environmentally friendlier than a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. 


Wood is the medium I work in to create a guitar.  It can also look gorgeous which is another plus. I have traditional tonewoods like Spruce, Cedar, and Rosewood in stock but non-traditional alternatives can be fun.  Nothing is off the table.


All of our design and materials choices go into shaping sound.  Do you want the instrument to be bright or dark, quick of attack, bloom or sustain?  The design and material density and stiffness are chosen to try to create the sound and response desired. 

  Standard with any instrument are Gotoh 510 Machine heads or equivalent and a hard shell case.  French polish on the top and lacquered back and sides are standard.   There is no charge for custom scale lengths and custom nut width or spacing.    There are an almost infinite number of options but a few common ones with prices are listed below:

  • There is an additional charge of $500 USD for a completely french polished instrument.

  • Sound port is $100

  • Arm bevel or rest $400

  • Subtle doubled binding thickness for arm rest $100

  • Elevated fingerboard $200

  • Other woods than East Indian Rosewood for back and sides are priced at market

“Spartan” (simply decorated) custom guitars are also available at a special price. These guitars are intended to be concert instruments with minimal adornment and a matte finish on the back & sides.  Please inquire for more details.  

Please note: A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required.  Payment in full (plus the cost of shipping) shall be required in advance of receiving your guitar.  After you receive your guitar you have 10 days to determine if it is right for you.  If you are not completely satisfied you may return it for a full refund (less deposit).  However, return shipping is your responsibility and I may also deduct from your refund an amount commensurate with any damage incurred while it is in your possession.  Your guitar is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship up to 1 year after your purchase.  If in that 1st year your guitar develops a problem that is not due to neglect, trauma,  or considered reasonable wear I will repair it at no cost.