This is my first steel string guitar in a while.  I have been averaging about one a year.   This one is a fairly traditional "D-28" style guitar.  I'm usually building classical guitars so this was a change of pace.   While building, I almost cut the neck to fit the body at the 12th fret instead of the 14th!  I also forget what a pain it is to do fretboard inlays.   I remember why I jobbed out the last big inlay project to a CNC operator.   I went for all hide glue for the bracing.  Making the pickguard was a fun project.  It's adorned with amber buffalo horn bridge and tail pins. The evo gold frets are matched with gold hardware and gold mother of pearl inlays.  

Also, I have had good results with the waterbased lacquer I've switched to.  I don't think the clarity is quite as good as the nitrocellulose but the adhesion, durability and ability to breath the air in the shop while shooting make the switch to waterbased an easy choice.  Even though I like to french polish things it just doesn't take the abuse.

 This one is heading up to live in Seattle.  I have a "D-18" style guitar to get started on after a couple more classicals get built so this looks like it's a going to be a banner year for steel string production (said sarcastically- meaning I make 2 instead of 1).