This is a really unique custom instrument for a customer who is a fan of St. Lucia (the island) and wanted a guitar that expresses that feeling. Every detail is a product of that collaboration. We started with a small jumbo sized instrument with African Blackwood and Redwood. We also designed the custom inlays that show off the Pitons, St. Lucia’s iconic mountains, in abalone and reconstituted stone as well as inlays that express the shape of the St. Lucia flag. That motif is carried down the fretboard in abalone and all the way to the custom pinless bridge that also boasts a bright burst of abalone. There is an arm bevel and binding in beautifully flamed maple and that is dressed up with gold hardware and EVO gold fretwire. I really like the asymmetrically carved heel and back of the headstock. The final touch was the installation of a K&K Pure Pickup. I also want to thank KOZM Guitars for lending his services in cutting the bulk of the inlays which saved me many hours work hunched over cutting inlays by hand.

Also, a nice accessory for most any bridge, but definitely required for this pinless design was a nice top protector to keep from dinging the top while changing strings.