These are the first two guitars of 2018.  It's taken me a while to get these photos up but it's kinda interesting to see the pictures of these two guitars side by side.  Again, it's a demonstration of just how unique each instrument ends up being.  There are different design choices, unique sets of wood for the back and sides, tuning machines, fret wire, etc.  The guitars sound very different as a result, both good in different ways.  I've recently been making quite a few guitars out of ziricote and really liking the results both visual and sonic.  The paua shell used on the rosette, tie block, and headstock of the ziricote guitar really make it stand out in a bold and less traditional way.    I also really like getting to use redwood and after completing this most recent guitar I am wondering why I haven't been using it more.  The walnut back and side set on that guitar has some really interesting figure.