I just got back from the 2018 Koblenz International Guitar Festival.  I met a lot of great people: mostly all amazing players or fellow luthiers from around the world.  I didn't bring my nice camera on the trip but I took some photos with my phone while I was there.  I mostly subsisted on fried potatoes and beer during the trip. That picture of beer, fries and currywurst is indicitave of my diet.  Below are some photos which include:  Pictures of the town, a blurry photo of Fabio Zanon (whom I always enjoy hearing), the ceiling of the symphony hall which I thought looked cool,  Swedish Luthier Heikki Rousu showing off an 11 string guitar, Guitarist Miguel Mandelli checking out my guitars, and a random food cart pod event going on Sunday night where half the carts were American style BBQ and most the trucks had a rock n roll theme with flames painted on the sides!?!

Secondly,  I'm going to try to make videos on a regular basis for my instruments.  Here the 1st video; a performance of "La Paloma" by Sebastian Iradier and performed and arranged by Guitarist Ryan Walsh.  The guitar is a 2018 western red cedar and East Indian Rosewood guitar. This is the 1st video I've uploaded.  More to come later.